So, when is....?

NOTE!  Due to too many complaints that the web page is not "up to date". the web page will no longer be kept up to date.  Please consult the TeamSnap calendar for all practice and game scheduling information!

Practice Schedule:

Practices are generally Sunday morning 8:30-11:00 AM and Wednesday evening 7:30-9:00 PM

Special “lunch” practice:

There may be some special lunch-time practices.  If this happens, it will be on weekdays between 11-11:50.  We will let you know if this is scheduled.

Current Game Schedule:

Game times are generally 7:30-12 AM on Sunday mornings and 5-9PM on evenings. Please consult TeamSnap for exact times!!



End of Season Party:


Subscribe to our calendars:

You can subscribe (add it to your phone's calendar) to the calendar at TeamSnap.