Rules and Regulations

Naperville Subdivision Summer Water Polo

League (NSSWPL)


Teams will consist of coed boys and girls that have not yet entered high school.  Age group athletes will compete in two division:  14 & Under (14U) and 11 & Under (11U).  Teams should generally be comprised of athletes from their own subdivision.  Pools may combine with League permission.  Recruiting selective athletes is strongly discouraged. U11 athletes may be allowed to play in U14 division at coach’s discretion, but no 12 & older will be allowed to play in U11 Division. Eligible U11 athletes must be under 11 yrs old before May 31 (mirrors the NPD Swim Conference). Eligible U14 athletes must be 14 yrs old or under on January 1. Any exceptions must be petitioned to the NSSWPL Coordinators.

Playing Rules

We will follow all current USWP rules (see USA Waterpolo Web SIte) with the following exceptions: