Hobson West Waves Water Polo


Thank you for your interest in the Hobson West Waves Water Polo Team!

Our program has been in existence for over 14 years in conjunction with the Naperville Suburban Summer Water Polo League (NSSWPL).  The League was founded to get neighborhood kids together to have fun and to develop the love for, and knowledge about, water polo.  In that spirit, the goals of our team are focused on learning the game of water polo and building team unity while having fun.

Many members of our coaching staff are returning for another year.  All of our coaches have played in the neighborhood leagues when they were younger and continued to play water polo in high school.  In addition, they have local and national tournament as well as Olympic Development experience.  Whether your child is just looking for a fun experience with their friends and have never played water polo, or are looking to play nationally, or anything in between, our coaches are well equipped to assist and support them in their water polo aspirations.

Our registration fees are as follows:

Teams and Ages:

The age cutoff is May 31.  We usually have three teams, but this is dependent on how many kids sign up for each age group:

Equipment Needed:

There is no equipment required and you can wear any pattern/type of swimsuit. The girls must wear a one-piece girls suit.  Most boys wear either jammers, Speedo, or board shorts (younger boys tend to prefer jammers and older boys will wear what they are comfortable with). All balls and caps are provided by the team.  Goggles are never worn while playing water polo.


Practices or games are typically on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings and Saturday mornings when the swim team is not scheduled. For the 11U team, the games/practices are one hour long (including warm-up). For the 14U, the games/practices are 1.5 hours. This program is set up to be a developmental program focused on neighborhood fun and the development/introduction to water polo. Our full schedule is listed on Teamsnap or via the Calendar tab.

Many of our players play other sports along with water polo, and we encourage it.  With that in mind, we carry a larger team so that kids can attend other sports/family commitments.  Many swim on their neighborhood team, play baseball/soccer/softball, attend church functions, and play water polo and it all works. The only thing we ask is to keep us updated on if they will not be at a game or practice. We keep track of who is available on Teamsnap.

Rules and Regulations:

We play as part of the Naperville Subdivision Summer Water Polo League,  More information on this can be found here.

Spirit Wear:

We may have Spirit Wear available!  Please check back here later for more information!

Code of Conduct:

Every player, and their parents, will be required to read and sign our Code of Conduct to ensure that everyone knows what is expected from the team, players, and parents.

How to sign up:

Please go to the registration page for more information.

Water Polo Clinic Information:

Information on clinics will be updated soon!